Since my early childhood, I have been raving about the beauty of the human body and especially the beauty of faces. I look simultaneously with slowness, distance and closeness, at the story of these children, women and men which is drawn in their features. I look for the emotions, the play of light and shadows that reflect their life in its long short as in the present moment, fleeting and aesthetic. 

My work of the flesh in black and white allows me to express all the contrasts and sensitive stories of the characters represented; it is a search for an existential essence written on the skin, under the skin, on the skin, a carnal tattoo.

Each background color is a thank you to life and all the colors it offers me; these colors are the result of a long work of mixing pigments, primary paints and other colors to achieve bright shades, highlighting the relief of the faces worked in black and white. The flesh is sublimated by these very marked flat areas, plain, almost smoothed without trace of brushes or other tools.


  • 40cm x 40cm


  • Mixed media: acrylic, charcoal, felt, gouache